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Doctors Come to Vietnam to Help

We utilize the hands and feet of doctors from all over the U.S. Our partner in this, Power of a Nickel, takes teams of doctors all over the world in developing countries and establish temporary medical clinics in areas where people have limited access to medical treatment. In Vietnam, we are the connecting point for them to the Vietnamese impoverished. Working with those that we minister to throughout the year, we bring these doctors to our locations, and help those in need.

We Provide Follow Up Care

Once the dust settles, and the Power of a Nickel team returns back to their practices back in the US, we at THOH are left to follow up on the cases that were found by the team that need extra attention. We will follow up on the cases, some minor and some more severe, but all the cases will get some extra follow up. Usually what we do is to try and find medical help close to where the cases are located for simple logistics. If help cannot be found, we bring them into Ho Chi Minh City where the best medical assistance is available.

Thank you to all of you that get behind the work we do. It is because of people like you that we can do these sort of things.

Help a Child

As we go forward in the work that we do in Vietnam, we love seeing how so many of the ministry’s we worked in crossover to one another. While doing the work in the Hmong tribe area we were brought a case of a little three month old baby girl that had a bad heart. We then began the much-needed work to try to get the care they needed.

Please consider how you might partner with us to provide life changing medical services for children and their families.

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