Projects/ Renovations

There are many challenges with living in a developing country. One is the constant need for repairs and renovations on often times old and delapidated buildings. Utilizing one of our "Hope Teams" or by using local people, THOH is always repairing and renovating the orphanages that we work with. By giving the children a better place to live, we bring them a better life with less challenges. Building projects, roof repairs, floor replacements, you name it, we will do whatever is needed to insure a better life for our babies.
     Grab a paint brush!   Swing a hammer!  Break a sweat!  Work for those who need hope.  We rejoice in aiding in, leading in, or partnering with bringing hope to our children by renovations and repairs.  Needs are around everywhere.  We as Chrstians just have to look for them, and meet the needs head on.

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