We are an organization dedicated to caring for children needing hope. We are not alone in this battle. 

Here is how you can help -

Prayer -

We need your prayer as we look for the Lord to lead and grow His ministry for these forgotten children. Currently most of the THOH staff works on a voluntary basis. Most funds raised go to the children that have needs. We ask for your prayers that we can grow to hire a staff that will allow us to do so much more for these children we love so much.

Helping Hands -

We do what we do with wonderful volunteers like you.  These children need hard working hands to build for them, strong hands to carry them, and soft hands to hold them.  We need your hands.

Donations -

Please consider donating to Tiny Hearts of Hope.  Any amount is beneficial to these children.  All donations are tax deductible.  You can donate monthly or one-time.  We can guarantee that this investment will change the lives of so many needy children.

To make a tax-deductible donation please click below  

 You Can Help Bring Hope!