The Hope House brings hope to  street kids in Vietnam

"The Hope House" is designed to offer a safe home for street kids to be raised in a Christian environment. This House battles against the large problem of human trafficking that is happening in Vietnam.

We at THOH have the wonderful opportunity to bring Medical Hope

Tai, age 3, had a life-saving brain operation to battle against  Hydrocephelus (a brain disorder that usually causes fatalities while in the infantile stage.

The kids at the Tay Ninh orphanage enjoying a "Heygeine Day"

With the help of one of our "Hope Teams" we had ahegeine awareness day full of puppet shows, games gifts, and other wonderful activities of fun.

Project and Renovations are always being done.

With or without a Volunteer team, we at THOH are always working to help better the lives of the Vietnamese orphans we work with.  Above is an orphanage being built.

Sharing in storytime is always fun for the little ears.

A little girl in an orphange in Vung Tau  enjoys storytime as THOH shares stories of hope. 

Games, games, and more games of fun for everyone!

Kids in a countyside orphanage play games with one of our hope teams as we bring jot to the many little faces.

Utilizing a "Hope Team", we replaced a floor at the Te Phan House in HCMC

A wonderful group of volunteers worked hard to replace an old, worn floor in the Te Phan House in District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City.  It is home to over 40 orphans.

Three little cutties at the Phu Hai orphange in Phan Thiet

These beautiful little ones are all "training" at one of the orphanages we work with in Phan Thiet.  This orphanage has mostly children 3 and younger.  A lot of little ones to love  on.

Super fun day at the park with the Te Phan House using a Hope Team

Under a blue sky, we played, prayed, and loved.  For Easter, we set up fun-filled activities that included fun Easter crafts, storytime, and, of course, an Easter egg hunt!