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Tiny Hearts of Hope is a 501 (c)(3) Organization whose mission is to bring hope to those children throughout Southeast Asia that are forgotten about while staring in the face of poverty, disparity, and who are forsaken by a society that lacks the value they bring to humanity. We hope to bring a true hope and abundant life that truly everyone deserves.

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For about $1 a day, you can feed the mouth of an orphaned child in Vietnam.

We at Tiny Hearts of Hope work with the abandoned children of Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, a dollar goes a long way. It can feed a hungry soul for a whole day. For less than the cost of a hamburger on a fastfood dollar menu, we can feed a child three full meals a day.

In the Hope House, we house and feed kids that lived on the dirty, poverty stricken streets of Saigon. We offer them the saftey the protection, of this house setup as God's house. It...

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Tiny Hearts of Hope is committed to bringing medical hope to children in need

Often times in countries like Vietnam, children are faced with the sad reality of being born with disabilites or disorders.

In many cases, without money, these children are left to live a dificult life without any medical aid or surgery in site. Most of the time, the care they need truly can transorm there lives, often giving them a renewed hope. In some cases they face death without the life-saving operations. Without attention and love, they are left to struggle and fall throughout their lives. It is a joy unlike any other, as we at Tiny Hearts helps these precious little ones get the medical help they need.

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Work projects and renovations

There are many challenges with living in a developing country. One is the constant need for repairs and renovations on often times old and delapidated buildings.

Utilizing one of our "Hope Teams" or by using local people, THOH is always repairing and renovating the orphanages that we work with. By giving the children a better place to live, we bring them a better life with less challenges. Building projects, roof repairs, floor replacements, you name it, we will do whatever is needed to insure a better life for our babies.

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Street Kid/Orphan Ministry

THOH has a shelter set up for street kids in Ho Chi Minh City.  It is a safe place for children to come and live.

Medical Outreach

We work to bring children the care they need with medical missions.  We work constantly to bring children medical operations, often life-saving operations, giving the gift  ....


We work with over a large number of orphaned children throughout Vietnam.  We help by giving the basic needs

We are an organization dedicated to caring for children needing hope. We are not alone in this battle. How you can help -

 Be a  part of one of our "Hope Teams"

Interested in coming to Vietnam on a mission trip?  Let Tiny Hearts of Hope help you setup a trip for you or a group. If you have the same heart for this cause and what to come and give your time, we want to aid you in anyway possible.

 Donate to our children

We work only by the donations we receive.  We are a volunteer based organization with very minimal administration costs.  What we do, we do because of you, and your heart-felt donations.  

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